About Cultech

Vision and Position

Cultural Tech Alliance” encourages the innovation and application of culture and technology, and hopes to build a cultural and technological integration innovative service platform for co-creation and mutual benefits, to assist industrial development and transformation; and to build an international brand of Taiwanese culture and technology, leading cultural and creative industry towards a new cultural economy 4.0.


Our mission is to establish a talent and communication platform, with a view to integrating cross-domain energetic system, and establishing demonstration and application cases to further connect the subsequent market business mechanism with youth entrepreneurship mechanism. The main goals of the Alliance are divided into 6 parts: 1. Cooperate with the government for policy promotion; 2. Knowledge diffusion; 3. Talent cultivation; 4. Industrial matching and exchange; 5. Innovation demonstration application; 6. System integration output. It is hoped that the platform of the Alliance can promote the co-creation and prosperity of the cultural and technological industries.

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